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Day 1

Arrival at Ouarzazate and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2

in the morning we visit the town of Ouarzazate. The Kasbah of Taourirt is one of the sightseeings. This kasbah was the home of an ancient Pascha of Marrakech. An other Kasbah, Tiffoultoute you can reach easily by walking from the Hotel. then there is the storck Kasbah well known because of their nest on the roof. an other possibility is to visit the kasbah village of Ait Bebhaddou 3à kilometres outside Ouarzazate. this village got famous as sceenery for many films. In the vening you will try our horse on a short ride. diner and night in the hotel.

Day 3

Today our horse adventure will start! We will ride along an ancient trading route that connects the source of Draa and Dades. It is here that the valley originate called the 'Valley of a 1000 Kasbahs' that continues for over 200km. These Kasbahs are fortified villages, build by Berber to fight of the invaders of neighbouring tribes. The walls here are made of clay and straw and offer many interesting details from architectural point of view.

Day 4

We will follow the bed of Dades along the palm trees, occasionally interrupted by small gardens where they grow fruit and corn, peppers and henna. Pick nick on the border of Dades. In the afternoon, we will ride in a dry and mountain like land. Nobody lives here and there is only water here in the rain season. However, there is many salt here and sulphur. In this region, there is a pink herb growing that is very popular among the local people for medicines. We will camp at the border of Dades.

Day 5

Long gallops will take us a deserted land. In these areas, we will find lots of camels. In the afternoon, we will again join the oued Dades where we will have to possibility to swim. Little by little, we will again come closer to the populated areas. Big gardens can be found around the river where there are many beautiful flowers growing. This area is also very famous for his rose water and his rose based perfume. We will make camp close to Kelaa Magouna.

Day 6

We will continue our way in the valley of Dades. The plantations here are very big and very important. many old Kasbahs you will see on both sides of the rivervalley. Pick nick near Boulmane Dades. In the afternoon, we will visit the gorges of Dades. During the trip, we will have a splendid overview of the palm trees and the Kasbahs. This is a very unique rocky area, with many coloured shades of stone and in many bizarre shapes, created by the erosion. On the far side, the Dades is decorated with bizarre chalk structures. We will sleep in a small hotel.

Day 7

Early in the morning, we will join the horses again. We will leave the valley and the Dades. We will now enter grassy fields that reach as far as the eye can see. Endless gallops will take us to the foot of the Djebel Saghro, where we will have our pick nick. In the afternoon, the road will take us in the mountains with many valleys where oleander and Henna bushes are growing everywhere. We will make camp in a village close to a silvermine at an altitude of nearly 2000m.

Day 8

A last effort on a steep slope will take us to the top of Tizi n'Tazazert at 2200m. The mountains are black here and are decorated by small green spots where a small herb is growing that the local Berbers of Ait Atta use to feed their sheep and camels. On top of this mountain, you will have a superb view on the valleys, rocks and other landmarks nearby! Small fields of erg are interrupted by an occasional small oasis. After this long trip, we will find shelter in the cooling shadows of the oasis of Nekob, where we will sleep.

Day 9

We will continue our route in the direction of the Draa stream through a big valley carved out of the high rocky plateaus. Black ergs are interrupted by small multicoloured ergs and we will have picknick in an oasis. At the end of the day, we will reach the valley of the Draa which will offer a beautiful scenery with its green and refreshing palmtrees. The valley is very know for his oase which was a popular meeting place for Berbers and Arabs as this used to be the only watering place for many miles around in an otherwise deserted place. we will drive in the evening to Zagora where we stay overnight in a hotel.

Day 10

today is a resting day. we can visit the town of Zagora, which is very touristique. Still the sign of 52 days to Toumbouktou remains the old time of the caravanes. many little shops sell bereber juwellery, towels, kristalls and many other souvenirs. in the evening we drive back to the horses. we will have a beautiful view over the valley of Draa and the palmeraie. diner and night in the camp.

Day 11

Again on the horse, we will continue our day along the Draa but this time towards the north. Every Kasbah is situated in a huge palm tree forest and it's because of this that the valley of the Draa resembles one immense oasis situated among high rocky plateaus. At noon, we will arrive near by Agdz.In the afternoon we will visit the small village that used to be an important fortress for the French army. You will clearly see that time has left its marks on the clay constructions and the rain has slowly eroded the huge walls that are now slowly losing their original shap and geometry. But still, Agdz is a place where the Berbers like to meet and gather. In this climate that is so hard, cold, wet and dry, one can safely say that a house does not live longer than 50 years here. Overnight we stay in the camp near a little river.

Day 12

In the morning we have the time to visit the souk which happens once a week. you can find vegetables, fruits, dattes, but also animal as sheeps, goats donkeys or clothes, plattes and glasses for the kitchen and.... We will follow the Draa stream once more. We will pass the villlages one by one but you will notice that they will appear less frequently because as we continue along the ground will become more rocky and sterile even if there are palm trees along the stream. We will have picknick at the side of the Draa.In the afternoon, we will reach the plateau of Ait Saoun. Here the old mule path will take us through places where the wind is blowing strongly. We will have many chances to have a splendid overview of the many canyons here and at the many-shaped mountains and strangely formed rocks. Far away, we will see an oasis and the silver string of the Draa. Tonight we will sleep near Ait Saoun.

Day 13

Today, long gallops will await us in a big open plain, full of dry herbs and plants fighting for survival in a chalky ground. picknick is at a little spring on a mountain. Near the evening we will arrive at the Fint stream where we will make our camp. the green grass beside the river is mostly hurting our eyes. many birds are living beside this green river.

Day 14

A short ride brings us back to Ouarzazate. Still we enjoy some last galopps along the green river valley. then we reach the Hotel in ouarzazte where also th stays. in the afternoon we have time to do some last shoppings in the souk of Ouarzazate. diner and night in the hotel.

Day 15

Individual return by plane.