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All year round we organize trips on horseback of 1 to 15 days. You will ride 4 to 6 hours a day, in walk, trot, canter and sometimes gallop, so you need to have some experience with outdoors riding.The riding tours are designed for people with an adventurous spirit. Most of the nights are spent in camp (tents and mattresses are provided for you). On some rides, nights in hotels are arranged every 3 to 4 days. On other rides, especially designed for young people (or those with young spirits) there are no hotels.On days when the midday resting-place cannot be reached by the supply car, your supper consists of a cold picnic that you take with you in the saddle-bags. When you arrive in camp in the evening you will find the traditional mint tea waiting for you, your tents are already mounted, your horse is taken care of by the grooms (or of course if you prefer you can care for him yourself) and the smell of Driss' delicious Moroccan cooking is filling the air.

Custom rides

For groups of four or more people rides can be organized and changed regarding duration and location according to your special wishes.

Target public

Our rides are designed for riders with enough experience in outdoor riding and an adequate physical condition. You will be riding 5 to 8 hours a day through sometimes difficult terrain, which requires that the horses will have to be lead on foot.